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Mind Manipulation Methodology

Author: Russ Wise
Date: 6/11/2003 10:49:48 PM


1.      There is no accountability for the leadership in regards to a higher authority. As well, there is no spiritual accountability either.


2.      The leader is viewed as one who deserves unquestioning loyalty.


3.      Recruitment of new members or seminar participants becomes a major focus.


4.      The members or participants become preoccupied with generating money for the organizations.


5.      The participants are discouraged to doubt, question, or dissent in any way with the leadership.


6.      Members of the group become elitist in their thinking and claim special status for themselves. They are more spiritual, etc.


7.      The organization becomes polarized. They develop a “we – they” mentality, thus separating them from others outside the group.


8.      The leadership uses guilt and other control methods to manipulate the individual.


9.      Ultimately, members volunteer large amounts of time to the organization helping the leadership meet their goals.


10.  Members develop a social network that excludes those not in the group.


11.  The individual is not allowed adequate rest or time for reflection.


12.  The member continues to be controlled by follow-up techniques employed by the leadership.




Author's Comments:
The above methodology is often used in the seduction of individuals into new age seminars, aka. Transformational Seminars or Large Group Awareness Training Seminars. If you or a friend find yourself being seduced by any of the above methods I would strongly suggest that you take a serious look at the organization and its goals.

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